We design professional banner ads compatible with the major display advertising campaign platforms

Banner ads for mobile

These banners are smaller in size and so the best practices for ads targeting mobile devices would be to keep text to a minimum, try GIF instead of static to make up for the lack of space and to be more captivating.

Facebook ads (right hand side and newsfeed ads)

Choose the static type and please mention you need them for Facebook since there are certain guidelines we need to respect: the size must be 300×615, there can be no more than 20% text on the banner and others.

How to choose

the right banner

Static banner ads (PNG, JPEG)

It is the most common banner type foradvertising and it should be a good fit for any display campaign, including facebook ads and banners for mobile targeting. We recommend static banners if the advertising platform you’re using imposes strict restrictions on file size (under 75 KB).

GIF animated banners

GIF ads are like static banners with changing slides and therefore more eye-catching. More slides also means more space for your message and room for more images (for example, you can showcase more products).

HTML5 animated banners

Probably the most interactive and entertaining type of banner ad. A perfect flash banner alternative, the HTML5 banners work seamlessly on any browser and device. It’s also a better choice for animated ads than GIF banners for aesthetic reasons: the animations and transitions are much smoother and visually pleasing.

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Select the banner type (animated or static) and the pack that best fits your needs.


up to 3 revisions, 3 slide, no animation

Animated GIF

up to 3 revisions, 3 slide, no animation

Animated HTML5

up to 5 revisions, 3 slide, no animation

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