Graphic design is not only about typography, layout and imagery. It is about the whole package and delivery of the product.


Websites can be big, small, content heavy or lean and sparse. They can function as online stores, blogs or basic digital brochures.


We create Brands that are instantly recognisable without the name of the business even being present

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services have been crafted in a way that covers all your needs when it comes to saying what you do best.Whatever you need, we can deliver.  We love to create, turning dreams into a reality is what motivates us so let’s get creative…

Our Services:

Every piece of correspondence you send forms part of your brand identity and is a marketing opportunity. It can help you win a new deal or retain existing ones. With this in mind we can create the perfect experience for your customers.

Logo design and brand identity
Your branding and company logo design is the face of your business, and as such you need to ensure that you work with a reputable logo designer.
We design professional banner ads compatible with the major display advertising campaign platforms.
We specialise in stationery design, there is nothing better then a crisp printed design and consistent style across all your stationery.
Packaging and POS
We help you create alluring packaging that enhances your products, use, benefit and advantage that influences customer purchase.

Publication & Editorial Design

Are you looking to have a custom design page layout for publications like magazines, newspapers or books? We can provide the right typesetting and layout solution for your content and suggest suitable colour schemes and fonts that reflects your subject or industry area.

Books and magazines

Do you have a new magazine idea that you want to get off the ground? Or have you written a book that you want to see on bookshop shelves? Perhaps you have an existing magazine that needs a facelift, or you may be a publishing house needing to outsource. Whatever your publishing needs, we can help you. We offer a full service for design, typesetting, proofing, print and production or you can simply use us for our design service. We have worked on travel and lifestyle magazines, student publications, children’s books and more. Our clients include self-publishers, publishing houses, media companies, interest organisations and trade groups.

Turn up the heat on your brand!

When businesses grow quickly it can sometimes be at the expense of the brand integrity. We can help guide you through the process of building strong, sustainable brands that will deliver increasing value to your business.

A complete brand audit

A complete brand audit

looking at your current marketing materials, your website, your social media presence and everything that carries your branding.
We tease out the inconsistencies and compare your current brand presence to your aspirations.
In the gaps, we begin to understand what needs to be done in order to get you to where you want to be.

 Helping you to build a brand strategy

Helping you to build a brand strategy

which gets to the heart of what your brand stands for. And we’ll also look at who your customers are,
Where your brand needs to be seen, what your targets for growth are and how you are going to achieve them.

Logo design, brand identity and marketing collateral

Logo design, brand identity and marketing collateral

Once you understand your brand it becomes easier to brief your design requirements.
Our graphic design expertise is grounded in marketing and we bring brands to life every day.

Website design and management

Website design and management

that supports and enhances your brand image.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

that keeps your brand in front of your customers.

Monitoring, Measuring and Testing

Monitoring, Measuring and Testing

brand management is a cyclical process and we build checks and balances into every part of that process.
This allows for continuous improvement and growth. You can see what works and what doesn’t
and you can tweak your brand along the way to ensure it remains as fresh and engaging as it ever was.

Exhibition & Event Design

Do people walk straight past your exhibition booth? Does your banner look, a bit amateur compared with the shiny professional ones either side? Let us help you grab attention and wow potential customers with a vibrant design, guaranteed to get you noticed.

Our Exhibition Services

Event Graphics provide high end branding design solutions for sporting, music and other events globally. Branding for your event must be innovative and fresh but speak to your target demographic clearly and concisely.
Promoting your event sometimes requires visuals before anything is built. We solve that issue by creating realistic 3D renderings of your event before it happens, helping you with sponsorships, hospitality and ticket sales.
Being the recipient of many industry accolades over the years, the ExpoNet team are recognised for their outstanding innovation, design, delivery of custom stands and projects by pivotal associations such as the MEA and EEAA.
Digital media is probably the most important aspect of branding of major events today. We cover everything digital from digital advertising, web sites, splash pages, animations, social media graphics and everything in between.

Web Design

Our website design service is second to none. We’ll take the time to understand your business and your target market, and we’ll come up with original website designs that will get you noticed. Our team has tons of experience, and we’re great at spotting trends and keeping you ahead of your competitors.


  • Brief

    From the web design agency’s point of view, the brief is typically their first contact with the project or even with the client itself.

  • Planning

    Armed with the information in the brief, the web development company can move on to the planning phase of the project.

  • Design

    This is the step where the website starts to take shape. The web designer will now have all the data needed to start working on the actual look of this project.

  • Development

    The web development company now has to develop a website to meet all the requirements identified in the planning phase.

  • Launch

    Final tests usually focus on functionality, performance and security, as the web company gets ready to deliver the final product.



Great website design is vital especially when customers can vanish with a single click. Our web designers can give you a new website that looks stunning, has all the features you and your customers need, and that puts you in control: you’ll be able to update the content at any time, without going through us.



Our eCommerce sites are built with ease of usability and customer experience in mind. They are easy to navigate and enjoyable to click through. Our eCommerce web design package allows you to monitor stock levels, apply discount codes and upload products all from one screen. Never miss a sale again.

Website Management

Building a great website is just the start. We offer a great website management service that keeps your website maintained and running smoothly. Plus we keep your site up to date with all those new products you’ve developed giving you time to focus on your customers.